Wedding Photography Styles: The Complete Guide


From dresses to decor, style preferences vary from couple to couple. One of the most important stylistic decisions every couple has to make is choosing a wedding photographer. In fact, you should choose your wedding photography style even before you reach out to potential photographers. If you go the other route (book first, learn the style later), you may end up with photos that don’t match your vision.

According to wedding photographer Jainé Kershner, this preliminary research will help you make the right photography investment. “You want to like your photographer’s style,” she says. “They’ve worked really hard to figure out how they turn and ride, so couples need to make sure their style is exactly what they want.”

Meet the expert

Jainé Kershner is a New York-based wedding photographer.

Today’s most popular wedding photo styles include fine art and even dark and moody images, but classic images also remain constant. But what if you like, say, classic and dark and brooding photos? Should I choose one or the other? Don’t worry, says Kershner, because many photographers offer a variety of styles throughout the day.

With so many options, it’s hard to choose exactly which style of wedding photography is right for you. But Kershner says there’s an easy way to find out: analyze your social media saves. “Look at Instagram or Pinterest and see what kinds of images you like and save the most,” says Kershner. “If you can see a pattern where everything is similar or in the same family, that’s great. If not, you can create mood boards or start Pinterest boards to see what you like the most. After a few weeks in review and pin, you’ll start to see a trend.

From candid to classic, here’s everything you need to know about wedding photography styles to help inform your photographer decision.

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