The most Instagrammable wedding venues in the UK


We love a good wedding – it’s the perfect excuse to let loose and have fun, while celebrating two people in love. But while they’re a carefree occasion for wedding guests, it can be notoriously stressful to make arrangements if you’re the one getting married.

For the bride and groom, there are so many things to think about when getting married. There’s the food, the venue, the guest list, the outfits, the music, the drinks, the date *gasp* – we could go on. The starting point for many couples is the search for their ideal place, and while you should keep the budget in mind, aesthetics are an important factor.

So to give you a hand, the experts at WeThrift have analyzed hashtags to find the most popular and Instagrammable wedding venues in the UK…

The most Instagrammable UK wedding venues

1. Syon Park, Middlesex – 30,546

Syon Park has a reputation for hosting extravagant wedding celebrations, catering to the exact needs of the bride and groom.

2. Coworth Park, Berkshire – 7,062

Coworth Park offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to provide guests with the ultimate romantic experience.

3. Newton Hall, Northumberland – 14,966

Dubbed Northumberland’s number one wedding venue, Newton Hall is a luxury venue specializing in bespoke outdoor weddings, beach celebrations and corporate events.

4. Thornton Manor, Wirral – 14,963

Thornton Manor is a historic estate based in Wirral – the perfect location for a classic British country wedding.

5. The Ned, London – 14,657

The Ned is known for providing its guests with a luxury experience, whether it’s dining, spa, wedding, or all three. The property offers six indoor event spaces with different seating capacities.

6. Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire – 14,611

Cripps Barn hosts civil wedding ceremonies for up to 150 people, either in the barn or in its wooded glade. It also hosts receptions in the barn, should you prefer to get married elsewhere first.

7. Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire – 13,270

The experts at Hedsor House promise to help brides-to-be achieve the wedding of their dreams, offering an experienced helping hand every step of the way.

8. Iscoyd Park, Cheshire – 9,634

Described as a classic Georgian house with a modern attitude, Iscoyd Park will be on hand to guide you through the wedding process. It does not offer packages, but the experienced wedding team will ensure couples realize their vision.

9. Northbrook Park, Surrey – 7,468

Northbrook Park offers private tours so you can see the location before making the final decision. It’s a dry-let venue, which means you only get the venue in building form – no decor, tables, chairs, decorations, etc. But Northbrook Park recommends the best providers in the area to help you with these aspects of the day.

10. Chilling Castle Barn, Kent – 7,391

Cooling Castle Barn specializes in hosting a variety of weddings. They provide everything you will need, from their on-site kitchen to their well-stocked bar.

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