The future of wedding photography after COVID-19


Kachins Studio – Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer

Kachins Studio - Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer

Kachins Studio – Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer

Kachins Studio - Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer

Kachins Studio – Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer

Kachins studios are proud to say that they are one of the best wedding photography companies in Delhi.

The best wedding photographer can help you make the most of your memorable moments by providing you with the delightful collection of photographs that you can treasure for a long time in the future.

— Kachins Studio

NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, June 8, 2022 / — COVID-19 may have accelerated processes that have already begun, and we may never return to the world we lived in before 2020. Kachins Studio photographed weddings for years, and learned that a percentage of couples wanted a big wedding just because it was what their parents wanted and often paid for. These couples would probably decide to elope under other circumstances.

Weddings as social rituals are steeped in traditions that are hundreds of years old. There’s always been something nostalgic about them that doesn’t seem to fit our modern lives. Think oversized ballroom skirts, bridal showers, tiered cakes and overspending on decor, food, entertainment… Over the past few decades, trends have moved in the direction of personalizing weddings, setting new customs and making weddings more intimate. One of the new traditions is the couple’s “first look” photo shoot before the ceremony. We no longer believe in old superstitions like the one that says the groom shouldn’t see the bride until the wedding day because it’s bad luck. Everything has been modernized, from cake and flowers to guest lists, seating plans, mailings and honeymoons. Today, anything goes, and massive family gatherings are no longer a norm, as is the white dress and a tiered fruit cake.

Contemporary weddings have already been stripped of many traditions before COVID-19. After one, two or maybe even three years of experiencing the new normal with the virus, traditional gatherings with hundreds of guests could become history.

It’s up to us whether we’re going to take this opportunity to distance ourselves from each other and lead even more digital lives or go back to old values ​​and be social animals – organic, natural human beings.

Much like weddings themselves, wedding photography will not cease to exist, but its future largely depends on our choice of path after the pandemic. Maybe weddings and big vacations are the only occasions that used to bring us all together, and now we risk losing that too.

Now pre-weddings and wedding celebrations in India have started as before the covid pandemic. Keeping this in mind and future business prospects and with a professional approach to wedding photography, Kachins Studio has reinvigorated itself and modified its wedding packages to suit most families in India. Since Kachins Studio is based in Delhi and has the largest number of wedding photographer networks across India.

Choosing Kachins Studio – Best Delhi & NCR Wedding Photographer would be the best choice to get the couple clicked at an amazing price.

The most budgeted wedding photography studio is Kachins Studio.

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