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Organizing a wedding is exciting but can also be stressful. Figuring out a plan of action for making plans and booking services can take a lot of that stress away. Since most couples spend around 50% of their budget on a wedding venue, this is a good place to start. Couples who haven’t considered venues yet can start narrowing down their research by choosing the type of venue that will work best for them. When it comes to some of the best wedding venues in Dallas, there are always plenty of types to check out.

Banquet rooms

These venues are perfect for hosting weddings of all sizes since most of them can accommodate hundreds of people. In many cases, event planning companies such as DFW Celebrations offer packages that not only include access to the perfect wedding reception hall, but also catering entertainment and wedding reception planning. Think of banquet halls as one-stop-shops for wedding planning.

Small restaurants

Couples who want to have small, intimate weddings usually don’t need to rent entire banquet halls. Instead, they often hold receptions in ordinary restaurants. Like large banquet halls, these venues make it much easier to feed guests and are equipped with tables, chairs, and decor. However, according to, it is extremely rare to find restaurants that offer wedding planning services.

houses of worship

Previously, almost all couples were married in churches or other places of worship appropriate to their family’s faith. Although it’s no longer the norm, many couples still choose to go the traditional route. It should be noted here, however, that while places of worship remain popular for hosting wedding ceremonies, few offer space for receptions.

Parks and Gardens

So far, this article has focused on indoor venues, but there are also plenty of couples who prefer to get married outdoors. Parks and gardens can be fantastic wedding venues in the right season and for the right couple. They require little additional decorating and are usually quite economical. Any couple wishing to marry outdoors should also have an indoor space set up to accommodate guests in case of inclement weather.

Vineyards and Cellars

Some vineyards and wineries have event spaces and can make good wedding venues for couples who prefer a rustic look. Not all guests have to be wine lovers to enjoy a venue wedding, either. These unique spaces tend to offer unique landscapes and celebrity-worthy photo ops. Just keep in mind that weddings held at vineyards and wineries tend to require guests to travel out of town and make appropriate arrangements if they plan to drink, which can be a problem.

Start the search early

No matter what type of venue a couple finds most appealing, the key is to start the search for the right space early. Waiting until the last minute will reduce couples’ options and may prevent them from finding a space that can accommodate all of their guests. Start scheduling site visits at least six months in advance.

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