Here is a list of wedding venues, event spaces in and around Hutchinson


Reno County offers a variety of wedding venues.

Depending on the client’s taste, there is something for everyone in Hutchinson and the surrounding area, from barns to urban centers.

Each location can also be used for other social gatherings.

Barn J.M. Collingwood

JM Collingwood Barn, Wedding and Event Venue, 22002 S. Partridge Road, Pretty Prairie

The JM Collingwood Barn venue features outdoor ceremony sites with prairie views and an authentic rustic atmosphere. Inside the barn is a furnished bridal suite and a large loft for indoor weddings. The venue contains a large dance floor.

The barn was built in 1913 by John Martin Collingwood and was built to house the Percheron workhorses for Prairie Hall Farms. In 1986 Dan and Brenda Pace purchased the farmhouse, fixing up the barn with a new roof and siding. In 2015, a windstorm with straight-line winds of 185 km/h nearly demolished the barn. It has been saved and renovated.

JM Collingwood Barn, Wedding and Event Venue, 22002 S. Partridge Road, Pretty Prairie.

The Red Barn at the Richman Arboretum

The Red Barn at Richman Arboretum, 2801 Dillon Ave., Hutchinson

Dana and Connie Richman and their family purchased the more than 40 acres of the Hutchinson property in 2014. The property, which was once an orchard and owned by the Dillon family, included a barn.

The Richmans renovated the barn and transplanted over 300 trees. The venue is unique as it is located in a rural area within the city limits of Hutchinson. The Red Barn at the Richman Arboretum serves as the event location.

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The Red Barn at Richman Arboretum is an event center owned by Dana and Connie Richman at 2801 Dillon Ave.

The Crystal Ballroom

The Crystal Ballroom at The Burt, 3 W. Avenue B, Hutchinson

The Burt’s Crystal Ballroom hosts weddings, receptions, corporate events, and gatherings in its party rooms. The historic Burt Building was originally the home of the Shaw Theater in 1901.

After the 1929 flood, CL Burt rebuilt the building and constructed storefront businesses on the first floor with a Crystal Ballroom upstairs. Dances and orchestras frequented the ballroom. In March 2017, Lucinda and Craig Piligian purchased the building at the southwest corner of B Avenue and Main Street and renovated the historic Crystal Ballroom located on the upper level of the building. The Burt offers the Crystal Ballroom, Empire Room, and Rhapsody on B room on the main level for events.

lodgepole pine farms

The barn at Twisted Pine Farms is decorated for a wedding on June 2, 2022, northwest of Hutchinson.

Twisted Pine Farms, 1114 W. 69th Ave., Hutchinson

Dr. Steve and Stephanie Miller built their Hutchinson barn on their property in 2016. They wanted to be able to get together with friends and family. It was not built as an event center but is now offered for special events.

The large barn includes a kitchen, a dressing room for the bride and a dressing room for the groom. An outdoor area contains seating and games.

Weddings can take place outdoors in a bridal nook, a wedding in the woods in a rustic area surrounded by trees, or inside the large barn interior.


Yaggy is a country setting on a former plantation west of Hutchinson, off Nickerson Blvd.  Two historic homes built in 1892 and 1905 are available with ample outdoor space for events such as weddings, business events and social parties.

Yaggy, 4603 Nickerson Blvd., Hutchinson

Yaggy is located in a rural setting. The location includes two houses, side by side, which offer large covered porches, multiple bedrooms, dining rooms and a stone fireplace in the back.

The large open lawn space serves as a special gathering place. The SoHo or South Home was a home made by Sears and Roebuck that was built in 1892 with six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms, one of which is ADA accessible. The NoHo or North Home was built in 1905 and has large screened porches, five and a half bathrooms, and five bedrooms.

The historic 130-year-old Yaggy Plantation was once a thriving apple orchard that was the largest fruit shipping point between the Missouri Ricer and California. Both homes were purchased by Lucinda and Craig Piligian. The couple have renovated the houses with modern amenities while retaining some of the original features.

Lakeside Wedding Venue and Event Center

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Lakeside Wedding Venue and Event Center, 7 miles north of Hutchinson at 116 N. Plum Ave.

Lakeside Wedding Venue and Event Center, 116 N. Plum Ave., seven miles north of Hutchinson

The lakeside wedding venue and event center has 7,000 square feet of space in the building, which includes an indoor restroom, full kitchen, wedding venue, and bridal lounge. The property is located on 160 acres, seven miles north of Hutchinson on Plum Street. Outside, there is a covered area near the gazebo next to the lake where outdoor weddings take place.

Bottom of the Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Downs, 8102 N. Summers Road, Hutchinson

Hidden Valley Downs is an event venue consisting of a large 80-year-old building and a five-bedroom house. The ranch also has plenty of outdoor spaces for ceremonies.

The venue, which is east of Medora, opened in July 2020. The ranch is also home to horses, which appear in some of the wedding photos.

Virgil Houdesheldt and Dr. Esther Rettig purchased the ranch from Doc Gerald and Judy Schrater. There is also a running track located on the property, and in the 1960s it was used as an unauthorized or bush track for dogs and horses. He became famous after an article appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine on October 31, 1966.

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The Sandhills Event Center at 4601 N. Plum St. opened in 2016 with a large 3,500 square foot venue to accommodate a variety of events.

Sand Hills Center

Sand Hills Center, Hutchinson, 4601 N. Plum St., Hutchinson

The Sand Hills Event Center is a large capacity event venue, with 3,500 square feet, which can accommodate large events. In 2016, IdeaTek purchased the former Prosperity School and transformed the building into an event center, climate-controlled storage, and cross-fit area.

Venue La Torre

Venue La Torre, 158 Chisholm Road, Inman

La Torre Event Center is an event venue located approximately 14 miles north of 30th Avenue in Hutchinson, just off Plum Street. The place is decorated after an Italian villa and is under new ownership. Brian and Tahmora Adams purchased La Torre on February 14, 2022. Adams said they plan to remodel, replant and revitalize, hoping to breathe new life into the location while maintaining the same Italian vibe.

Kansas State Fair and other Hutchinson sites

The Kansas State Fair offers a variety of distinct venues for families to use for weddings and receptions. Some of them include the Cottonwood Court Building, the Domestic Arts Building, Dillon Hall, and the Hansen Auditorium in the Encampment Building.

The Carey Park Gazebo is one of the locations that the City of Hutchinson offers for rental for weddings and other special events.

The town of Hutchinson has facilities available to rent for a variety of events, including weddings and receptions. Buildings available are Avenue A Park Building, Avenue A Gazebo, Carey Park Gazebo, George Pyle Park Gazebo, Homebuilder’s Shelter at Carey Park, Rice Park Community Building, and Memorial Hall.

There are more sites available in Reno County and neighboring counties.

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