Gloucestershire wedding venues ranked among the best in the UK


After two frustrating years of weddings being canceled or postponed due to coronavirus, many couples will finally be looking to wed in 2022. For those looking for inspiration in and around Gloucestershire, Brindley Group have put together a list of the hottest destinations popular for walking the wing.

They searched through a selection of wedding destination databases and supplemented the results with search data from Google. Each location was then ranked based on popular factors people consider when choosing a destination for their big day.

These factors include: Google rating, onsite accommodation, onsite parking, average maximum temperature during wedding season, and average monthly rainfall during wedding season. After assigning points to each category, Brindley Group calculated an overall score for each site out of 100.

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This allowed them to compile a comprehensive ranking of sites across the country. And there appears to be a strong representation from Gloucestershire in the list.

Here are the top-rated wedding destinations in the entire county, according to Brindley Group.

Court of Elmore – 87/100

Elmore Court

According to research, this is the highest rated wedding venue in Gloucestershire. Its 4.8-star rating on Google was complemented by the availability of on-site accommodation and parking.

The location also enjoys an average maximum temperature from May to October of 19.48°C. However, it is slightly let down by its high average monthly rainfall between these months – 70.58mm.

Cripps Barn – 84/100

Cripps Barn also ranked high on the list, coming just behind Elmore Court. Just like its county rival, this destination is rated 4.8 stars on Google and has on-site parking and accommodation.

However, what puts it just behind Elmore Court is its slightly lower average maximum temperature of 18.68°C between May and October. That being said, its average monthly rainfall is less than 65.27 mm.

Clearwell Castle – 82/100

Clearwell Castle dating from 1727
Clearwell Castle dating from 1727

Clearwell Castle comes third in the Gloucestershire Mini-League. This wedding destination ranks slightly lower than the two above with a Google rating of 4.6 stars.

It also has on-site parking and accommodation. In terms of weather, its average maximum temperature is 19.05°C and its average monthly rainfall is 59.3 mm between May and October.

Owlpen Manor – 81/100

Owlpen Manor is said to be haunted by Queen Marguerite of Anjou
Owlpen Manor is said to be haunted by Queen Marguerite of Anjou

The next stop is Owlpen Manor, in Dursley. This location has a slightly higher Google rating than Clearwell Castle with 4.7 stars.

However, it has an average temperature of 18.67°C and a monthly average of 64.95 mm between May and October. Owlpen Manor has on-site parking and accommodation.

Berkeley Castle – 78/100

Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire
Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire

Berkeley Castle has a Google rating of 4.6 stars and has on-site parking and guest accommodation. However, it gets a slightly lower overall rating due to its high average rainfall during the wedding season.

The location has an average maximum temperature of 18.67°C between the months of May and October. It also averages 64.95 mm of rainfall per month during this period.

Stone barn – 78/100

Unlike previous sites, Stone Barn does not offer on-site accommodation. Although it has parking available for customers.

That being said, its Google rating is high at 4.9 stars and its average maximum temperature is 19.48°C. However, an average of 70.58 mm of precipitation falls every month between May and October.

Hyde House – 74/100

The final Gloucestershire representative on the list is Hyde House, Cheltenham. This destination has a respectable 4.6-star Google rating and offers both accommodation and parking.

However, its average maximum summer temperature is slightly lower than the rest at 17.78°C. It records an average of 63.33 mm of precipitation between May and October.

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