Colorado Springs wedding venues are busier and with higher prices in 2022



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A record number of couples are saying “yes” this year, but the post-pandemic rush comes with big prizes.

According to a national survey, an estimated 2.6 million couples will walk down the aisle in 2022. It’s the busiest wedding season in nearly 4 decades.

“It’s busy every day of the week. It’s not just Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Couples are open Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, lots of sunrise weddings, brunches, so couples get really creative,” Christi Gazaway said. , the senior manager of wedding catering sales at Garden of the Gods Resort and Club.

It is estimated that the cost of a wedding this year is up 10-15%.

“I would say maybe even a bit more in Colorado Springs just because we have so many outdoor venues, which continues to make us very popular for weddings,” Gazaway said.

Inflation is hitting every aspect of the wedding industry, but for the most part the burden is falling on the scene this year. Pinery at the Hill says they are taking a hit to their bottom line due to pre-booked packages from previous years.

“Flower costs are skyrocketing, and we have an in-house florist and she wholesales, her costs are going up. Same with food, it’s not just like the price of food, but also the production and the So some things aren’t in stock anymore or we’re having trouble getting them,” said Michelle Benson, general manager of Pinery at the Hill.

“Being here in the Springs, it’s a destination wedding venue, so airfare, finding hotel rooms, every part is definitely affected by that as well,” Gazaway said.

Venues say wedding sizes are back to 150 or more, but most are all booked up on weekends until this year.

They already expect 2023 to be just as busy, and these couples will take the brunt of inflation costs.

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