Clickography, a Bharat Prajapat wedding photography company, is the best choice for your wedding photo shoot; here’s why


The wedding industry has changed over the past two years! Post-pandemic weddings are about the groom and bride rather than the family! With this trend, it is essential to capture the event that is centered on the couple! Wedding photography companies like Clickography have brought about a change in the industry by producing wedding films showcasing the partners and their personalities. With fresh ideas, each documentary they create is unique.

Bharat Prajapat, the founder of Clickography, is a certified photographer and cinematographer with over five years of experience in the field. The wedding photographer is in several local newspapers to major magazines like Femina for his work. He participated in several celebrity concert shoots and photographed the wedding of choreographer Sneha Desai. Among several of his accomplishments, he also filmed a music album – Sabali, for Zee Music Company.

The engineer-turned-photographer established Clickography, a wedding filmmaking company on October 4, 2015, with a vision to provide top-notch photography solutions to his client and has been successful so far! They provide services such as pre-wedding shoots, wedding films, fashion films, music videos and after-movies with their team of professionals. Clickography is now a family of 187,000 Instagram followers and growing!

His work is a testament to the amount of detail and hard work. He also helped other photographers with his reels on his @clickography Instagram handle and a series of hands-on wedding workshops that included live demonstrations of how to photograph Haldi and other wedding rituals with real couples. and their companions with an appropriate configuration.

He is a master at extracting the love and emotions of the moment and capturing them in an image, which his clients love! Clickography is the most suitable wedding photography team for many reasons, but most importantly because of their unique vision and effective client relationship. A wedding is a memorable day for every couple, and a team like Clickography will help you keep it forever with their storytelling and photography skills.

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