Best Wedding Venues in San Diego in 2022


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Boasting over 300 days of sunshine a year, San Diego is a must-visit location for outdoor weddings. However, the Southern California city’s wedding venue options aren’t limited to its beachfront hotels and resorts. Throughout the county, San Diego is home to a myriad of wedding venues in unexpected locations. (a cellar or an old YMCA building from the 1920s, perhaps?) For all budgets. Here are our recommendations for the best wedding venues in San Diego, whether you’re planning a small wedding, want an ocean-view wedding, or are looking for something all-inclusive.

Guide to choosing the best wedding venues in San Diego

Is a San Diego Wedding Venue Right for You?

If you’re looking for a wedding venue with outdoor elements, vineyard and ocean views, proximity to a range of cultural and natural attractions, and an underrated but top-notch food scene (to say the least). to name a few), a wedding in San Diego is for you. Are you looking for beaches? Mountains? Desert? San Diego says check, check, check.

Pro tip: “Summer is very busy in San Diego, so for couples looking for a private, personal event, I’d recommend staying out of the touristy areas,” advises Romero. Beaches and major attractions typically peak in summer.

San Diego Wedding Venues Comparison

According to Romero, be sure to compare the following when booking a wedding venue in San Diego:

  • Does the site offer parking, and if not, what are the charges?
  • If the accommodations are not available for the wedding party to prepare, where will this be?
  • What does transportation look like? While the city proper is manageable, San Diego County is vast. Note that unless a wedding is taking place in the city, individual transport will be the most efficient.

Book Your San Diego Wedding Venue Today

To start, most venues have a weddings section on their website with FAQs for preliminary questions as well as a contact form to fill out. For example, some venues will list and include photos of their spaces for rent, a preferred list of vendors, and direct contact details for the event specialist, if available. Some sites also include an availability calendar.


  • Like most cities, the cost of a wedding in San Diego will depend on several factors, including the size of your guest list, seasonality, things that include renting your venue, and what you will have to budget separately. Basically, wedding venues in San Diego can start at $700 per hour or $3,000 for a blank canvas venue.

  • San Diego’s beautiful weather offers a number of outdoor wedding venues, from vineyards, gardens, and resorts to craft breweries, distilleries, and more.

  • All-inclusive wedding venues are available in San Diego. The best way to determine if a place is all-inclusive is to contact the place directly to confirm.

  • Wedding venues in San Diego enjoy an ideal climate and range from historic venues to modern venues in county locations.


Brides reviewed a number of venues to determine their top picks for San Diego wedding venues and deliberated on factors such as price, service, location, amenities, and unique features and touches.

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