Best New Orleans Wedding Venues of 2022


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If you’re planning to get married in New Orleans, we’ve listed the best venues, whether you’re looking for a small ceremony in a courtyard or a lavish and luxurious party in a hotel. Brides looking for intimate outdoor venues will gravitate to the lush French Quarter courtyards, while others may want a rooftop celebration. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite venues, including affordable options, rooftops with views of the Mississippi River and cityscape, and spots where small weddings will feel like a big deal.

Kelsey Reiss is the lead planner at Mint Julep Productions, which recently helped plan singer Michelle Branch’s romantic wedding in New Orleans. “I love a place that has the charm, history and culture that makes New Orleans so great,” she said. She seeks out beautiful, historic venues and strives to provide musicians, food and cocktails to “capture that infectious New Orleans energy for a couple’s big day.” Many of the brides she works with want a “New Orleans vibe.” Mint Julep Productions helps couples get that New Orleans energy either “aesthetically, with a place like Race & Religious, where you feel like you’re in someone’s house in the French Quarter surrounded by yards, in a building that was literally built with mud from the Mississippi River”, or with a combination of music, cuisine, tradition and history.

Read on to find out where you can get married in New Orleans, whether you’re a local or want an unforgettable destination wedding.

Best Wedding Venues in New Orleans

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Kelsey Reiss, local wedding planner for Mint Julep Productions, said the most popular venues all have one thing in common: “‘That New Orleans vibe.'” “They are all so different from a typical wedding venue you will find in another city. . These venues are all unique and most of them are in buildings over 100 years old which gives a wedding a historic depth. They all create a beautiful and enchanting backdrop for guests, local and destination, to enjoy on one of the greatest days of their lives. All this to say: it’s hard to go wrong with one of the places above.

But if you have to pick just one, Reiss recommends Race + Religious, the top overall winner. It’s such an exceptional place that the wedding planner chose it for her own big day. “I’ve always loved Race + Religious, so I knew this is where I’d want to get married. The charm, beauty and detail create such a cool space. We were also able to bring in our caterer and bar, which was very important to us because food plays such an important role not only in the wedding, but also in the reputation of New Orleans.

Kelsey often tells her clients to be sure to show their guests the city, so add that to your weekend planning. “If clients want to host a Wedding Weekend event in the French Quarter, I always recommend choosing another part of town to host another event this weekend, just to show their guests some of the other assets this city has to offer. I also always recommend having a second line! Marching through the streets is a great way to kick off your reception or end the party in style. (Note: a second line is a traditional wedding parade of New Orleans.)

How to Choose Wedding Venues in New Orleans

We looked at a variety of New Orleans venues, from hotels to cafes and event spaces, to make sure there was a mix of options. We spoke to New Orleans locals, including brides, as well as residents who had attended multiple weddings in the area to learn more about their experiences.

We reviewed wedding planning services, local wedding publications and wedding reviews. We also focused primarily on downtown New Orleans, keeping a convenient location in mind.

We’ve tried to find places that have something extra special, whether it’s a gorgeous courtyard, a pool or a view of the rooftops. All venues offer something different, whether it’s an inexpensive option at a famous museum or an elegant night out at an all-inclusive mansion.

Guide to choosing the best wedding venues in New Orleans

Is a New Orleans Wedding Venue Right for You?

New Orleans is the ultimate wedding destination because it truly offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned Southern vibe with a second line, an unforgettable party followed by a night out in the French Quarter or an elegant affair. in the Garden District.

New Orleans has many unique hotels, which also makes planning easy. Your guests won’t have to travel far and you won’t have to worry about transportation. The city is also extremely easy to get to, with a recently refurbished airport. Guests can Uber from anywhere and easily without renting a car or using public transportation (although taking the trolley is always nice).

The city, although known for the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and donuts, has so much more to offer as well. You can visit art museums, historic homes, and spend time in Audubon Park after the ceremony is over. There are also so many amazing restaurants, whether diners are interested in Southern cuisine or more innovative dishes. If you are a Southern bride, this is the perfect location for all your guests.

Another big highlight? The stunning French Quarter courtyards that make outdoor weddings romantic, with just the right amount of southern flavor. Many restaurants, cafes and hotels have their own courtyards, complete with antique lighting pendants, exposed brickwork perfect for Pinterest photos, and some even have swimming pools.

Comparison of wedding venues in New Orleans

If you’re choosing a venue in New Orleans, there’s a lot to consider. Package prices, venue amenities and, of course, the size of your wedding should also be considered, as some spaces and courtyards cannot accommodate many guests, especially for a ceremony.

  • If you’re looking to cut prices, consider one of the smaller classrooms in the French Quarter or the Lower Garden District. Many of these venues offer small packages for brides who only want to host a small party, although often these have limitations based on date and time.
  • If you are planning a larger wedding, a hotel in the French Quarter might be your best bet, as they will have room for many more people than a smaller venue or restaurant. Other options could include large event venues in Metairie or other nearby suburbs, although this will make it harder for guests to get to the festivities.
  • Unfortunately, most venues don’t offer parking, so it’s easier if your guests arrive by plane for the event or by car and then walk to a nearby location. You can also consider a party bus. Many New Orleans brides choose a second line, or a parade complete with umbrellas, handkerchiefs and a marching band, as a way to get from the ceremony to the party.
  • A downtown location will likely be more convenient for your guests. This way, they can stay in the Lower Garden District, Central Business District, French Quarter, or Marigny while still being close enough to easily get to the venue.
  • Although New Orleans has many event venues dedicated to weddings, some of the best venues are the local hotels because they are all so unique. By getting married at a hotel, your guests can all stay on the property, making it easier to plan a destination wedding.

Book your wedding venue in New Orleans today

If you’re considering booking a wedding in New Orleans, many venues are transparent about costs, although some require you to call or inquire through the website. All-inclusive options are harder to find, but these are the places that really break down the costs. Other venues offer a cost to rent the venue and provide certain amenities, then work with you and/or a wedding planner to bring in specific vendors and make the day extra special. If you can’t find prices online, it’s easy to inquire with the forms provided or call/email the site. Many of these sites are even active on Instagram and can answer quick questions there.


  • The cheapest options can start at around $100 if you just want a super simple wedding ceremony in the French Quarter, but most have starting costs around $3,000 or $5,000 depending on location. All-inclusive venues can go up to around $20,000 as they include food, DJ, decorations, etc.

  • The most beautiful wedding venues in New Orleans tend to be historic downtown venues. The French Quarter has some great courtyards unlike any other place. The Lower Garden District also has special places that stand out for their deep history, antiquities, and beautiful outdoor spaces. Some of the rooftop options are also nice because you can capture the New Orleans skyline. The surrounding suburbs also offer beautiful sights, including historic homes with elaborate gardens.

  • Most wedding venues in New Orleans are not all-inclusive. Many of them offer a variety of packages, but don’t cover all the upfront costs.

  • Many wedding venues partner with in-house restaurants to create delicious menus. Others allow you to bring in vendors from a specific list. Some are all inclusive but it’s a little harder to find. Some venues feature fun local additions, including jazz bands and pre-party Second Line parades, where guests parade through the French Quarter with carousels as the music plays. Most venues offer a day planner or the ability to work with one, and they can guide you through your wedding day.

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