Best Houston Wedding Venues of 2022


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Deciding on the perfect venue is one of the most important parts of creating a memorable day. In a city as large as Houston, there are a plethora of choices that can meet every couple’s needs in terms of vibe, budget, amenities, and more.

Booking one of the best wedding venues in Houston will make planning easier, providing vision for a few desires while allowing for flexibility. From hidden gems to iconic spaces, the dream wedding in this Texas metropolis awaits.

Guide to choosing the best wedding venues in Houston

Is a Houston Wedding Venue Right for You?

Houston is a big city, which means there is a wide choice of places that can meet the needs of many couples. Whether you have a tight or flexible budget, modern preferences or vintage taste, or want indoors, outdoors, casual or formal, Houston has a variety of great options.


There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for the best wedding venues in Houston, from opulent historic ballrooms and sleek minimalist museums to manicured lawns and rustic oak parks. These venues can accommodate a variety of guest list sizes, and there are always contingency plans in case of inclement weather.

Plus, the food and drink choices for weddings are stellar. Many spaces have on-site chefs, cater to well-known establishments, or allow food trucks. While many sites have a list of preferred or required vendors, there are others that allow you to bring in your own vendors.

Houston is also a great city to explore. Local breweries, malls, restaurants, parks, and museums can help out-of-town guests feel like they’re on a mini-vacation.

The inconvenients

The majority of sites are actually outside of the 610 loop, so keep that in mind for out-of-town (or even local) guests – transportation and timing are important.

The weather is also a major factor. Consider hurricane season (June through September) and the unpredictable weather that often plagues Houston. Additionally, Houston is known for its high humidity.

Finally, because Houston is very urban, venues inside the Loop or even outside the Loop may not be the best for adventurous weddings or weddings set in large natural landscapes. However, if you want to get married by the water or the beach, Galveston and Seabrook, for example, offer beautiful waterfront views. Or if you prefer a rustic environment, there are venues available at exterior of the Loop.

Houston Wedding Venues Comparison

While every couple has their own preferences for a wedding venue, here are some things to consider when visiting.

Pricing: Don’t forget to ask about additional fees (e.g. venue fees, service fees, and fees for culinary staff) that might not be provided on the original quote. There may also be items that you may not need that you can remove from the pricing if needed.

Location: Consider which location is convenient for the two local airports and whether there are nearby hotels for guests.

Countryside: Think about the type of environment you prefer for your wedding. Outdoors in nature or indoors in an old library? The environment will affect how you plan aesthetics and budget.

Choice of supplier: You might want to have an all-inclusive package or a list of required vendors to make planning more efficient, or you might want to go the DIY route and bring your own vendors.

Choice of coordinator: You may want to hire a professional coordinator to help you plan the wedding and execute the wedding day. There are many places that require a professional.

Approvals: Be as specific as possible about what is available on the site. For example, ask if there are bridal and groom suites to get ready on the day, if there is a built-in sound system, what decor and linens are available, and if there are any restrictions for the big exit.

Book your Houston wedding venue today

  1. If you’re reading to get started booking your wedding venue in Houston, start by making a list of the following: the number of guests, your potential dates, the budget, the length of the ceremony and reception, the necessary equipment, and required suppliers. From there, you can contact the sites to request pricing information and compare plans and offers. To secure your chosen venue, you will likely need to pay a deposit.


  • Wedding venues range from the low $3,000 to the high $9,000. It’s usually just to rent the space; some sites need vendors, so the cost will be affected based on the vendors and costs you are tied to. In addition, the date of the wedding is important. Weekday dates, Friday and Sunday are more affordable than Saturday.

    • Beautiful views
    • The ability to be outdoors (consider the moderate temperatures of the southern United States)
    • Delicious local cuisine
    • Iconic, often historic architecture

  • Houston, Texas is home to stunning venues perfect for weddings of varying sizes and styles. Couples can choose from museums, public libraries, parks and gardens, hotels, barns, private homes, warehouses, and restaurants. Keep in mind that this destination has both cosmopolitan locations and out-of-town venues (think farm weddings).

  • Not all sites are all-inclusive, but many of them also offer packages that are not all-inclusive.


We researched over 15 locations in Houston, TX, considering factors such as price, space size, style, location, staff size, guest capacity, and amenities. ceremony. We evaluated the reviews, accolades, and reputation of each venue before deciding which one to feature in this article.

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