Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam


With the wedding season kicking off in 2022, the best destination wedding venues in Visakhapatnam are gaining popularity. Dreaming of the perfect big day in your life shouldn’t be a chore. Don’t let your wedding day be just another family reunion in the same old convention hall. Let’s spice it up this year with beachside views, sky-lit gazebos, majestic decor and lavish delights. Check that off your wedding checklist because we’ve got you covered.

Here’s our pick of venues that take weddings to the next level. Get ready for your big day hassle-free.

#1 Sunray Village Resort

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam

With its laid-back vibe and lush green surroundings, this outdoor wedding destination is a dream come true. Located at a distance of 60 km from Visakhapatnam, Sunray Village Resort tops our list of destination wedding venues in Visakhapatnam. Discover the property by bike or shopping trolley. The venue offers outdoor and indoor venues depending on the weather conditions and the choice of the bride and groom. One need not worry about rooms and parking areas at this location. Various facilities such as private swimming pools, cricket pitch, golf course, jogging tracks, fish ponds and nurseries as recreational activities are sure to keep your guests busy and your wedding an unforgettable experience. Huge acres of open land by the beach provide great opportunities to design your wedding scene in a very unique way. Be sure to check their website for pricing information.

#2 Whispering Waters

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam

Yet another outdoor wedding venue, it is located in Uppada, Mangamaripeta, 18 km from the city. A lush venue of grass and palm trees, the newly opened wedding venue is a good choice if you are planning a destination wedding. Whispering Waters offers rooms in addition to the venue as well as ample parking. If you are planning an intimate wedding with a group of relatives and friends, this is your choice.

#3 Sai Priya Resort

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam

Located on one of the cleanest beaches in South India, Sai Priya Beach Resort is a combination of great food and a great venue. The resort offers its guests, rooms, food services, parking, florist options and a friendly staff that promises to give you a warm stay. With an option of outdoor and indoor locations, choose the one that best suits you and your family. Make your big day a little less stressful with a venue that has it all.

#4 Sri Santhi Village

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam

With a serene temple and royal palace-like venue, Sri Santhi is a destination wedding venue to consider. Set your scene against multiple views for that touch of royalty on your wedding day. If you are looking for a traditional temple setting, this is your best option. The venue also offers indoor options to suit your needs. The place is located about 40 km from the city with good connectivity. Just follow the map to get there. Consider visiting this place and contact them for more information.


Located in the heart of the city, by the beach, under the starry sky of the Novotel, Vizag is a real royal affair. The 5 star hotel is no ordinary wedding venue. With indoor and outdoor wedding venues, our favorite choice is the outdoor one. The venue offers on-site decor, catering and alcohol. Air-conditioned venues are the best option for those planning a summer beach wedding. The infinity pool and the terrace are good options for small intimate occasions. The location offers good connectivity with the railway station, bus station and the city airport.

#6 Radisson Blu

Best Destination Wedding Venues in Visakhapatnam

Soothing sea views from every nook and cranny, mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets away from the hustle and bustle of the city Radisson Blu is the best wedding destination for silent couples. Yet another 5-star hotel that offers both outdoor and indoor venues, it also offers delicious specialties to impress your guests. The internal decoration does a great job and meets your needs at all times. The venue offers luxurious rooms and a swimming pool for your leisure time. Please contact them for any information on prices.

#7 The park

What makes Vizag’s 5-star hotels special is their serene location. Located right next to the bustling waters of the Bay of Bengal, the open-air venue is sure to mesmerize your guests. The venue also has on-site restaurants and pubs to entertain your guests. Pool is a good choice for small occasions like mehndi or haldi. The place doesn’t even require much decoration as the lush green gardens speak for themselves. Check their website or call them for more information.

#8 Taj Gateway

Your guests are sure to go to the Wah Taj! as they visit this royal property. You will be surprised by the beautiful locations the property has to offer. Overlooking the sea, the rooms are another reason why you should choose to plan your destination wedding here. Rooms lit by vintage chandeliers and carefully arranged royal carpets Taj Gateway is more of an experience. You don’t need an introduction to the appetizing cuisines of the Taj. With the humblest staff and the royal treatment, consider it one of the best destination wedding venues in Visakhapatnam.

Let us know what is your favorite destination wedding venue in Visakhapatnam.

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