Best Austin Wedding Venues of 2022


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Finding the right venue in Austin can be a difficult process – there’s a lot to consider, from price and capacity to parking and general amenities (and many other details in between). To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best wedding venues in Austin with all the information you need.

This list is varied: there is a sculpture garden, a historic train station, a wildflower center and a rustic clubhouse with stunning views of the skyline, among others. But they all have one thing in common: you’ll only find these stunning wedding venues in Austin, TX.

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There are dozens of unique, romantic, and just plain cool options when it comes to the best wedding venues in Austin. But, Tillery Place takes the cake for its quintessentially Austin vibe, secluded but convenient East Side location, and plethora of fun on-site perks.

Guide to choosing the best wedding venues in Austin

Is an Austin Wedding Venue Right for You?

To answer that question, we asked the pros (Elizabeth McKellar of The Nouveau Romantics and Katy Preisler of Keely Thorne Events) what makes Austin a great wedding destination. According to them, the city’s unique locations, consistently sunny weather, and awesome activities and attractions make it an ideal location.

“The amazing part of Austin is that there are a variety of offbeat venues that cover a variety of styles for the modern bride,” Preisler says.

McKellar adds, “What I love about Austin as a destination wedding venue is the combination of a really great month calendar that works well for indoor/outdoor weddings. [and] that it’s a destination people love to visit – there’s so much to do in terms of food, music, the outdoors and more.

Austin Wedding Venues Comparison

Consider these main criteria when looking for the perfect wedding venue in Austin:

  • Pricing: Every venue is different, and venue fees may or may not include amenities such as furniture, parking, day of event coordination services and other extras. Confirm the overall price before settling on a location – ask exactly what the rental fee covers, if there is a refundable deposit and how many hours the fee includes.
  • Capacity: Make sure your room is spacious enough to accommodate your guest list (and more). “One of my main takeaways for venues is capacity — finding the right ‘feeling’ and matching it to your guest count is high on my list,” McKellar says.
  • Period of the year: “Check the football calendar and [for] any other big event,” advises McKellar. “Planning a wedding (or getting a hotel block or flights) during UT football, Austin City Limits, Formula 1 or SXSW is a tough bet, which means other weekends are usually pretty desirable. The only plus is that the weather for most of the year is really nice for weddings, so that’s our saving grace.
  • Client experience : Don’t lose sight of your guests during the planning process, especially if you’re hosting a destination wedding or inviting a lot of out-of-towners. “Guest experience should always be valued in regards to the temperature depending on your time of year, ease of transport/access to the venue, and of course the staff and how they will support you, you and your guests, for your special weekend,” says Preisler.
  • Setup/Teardown Time: “I would also consider how long you and your vendor team need to get set up, and when the outage is,” McKellar says. “It’s not really something couples think about – but we sellers are absolute fans – and it makes a big difference to labor costs.”
  • General atmosphere: Above all, it is important to choose a place that ticks your specific criteria, adapts to your aesthetic, and feels good to you. McKellar explained that the size of the site, the weather backup plan, the price, and the overall feeling and atmosphere are paramount.

Book your wedding venue in Austin today

To begin the booking process, couples should begin by requesting pricing information instead. This information should include the number of guests expected, the day of the week and the total cost. Some sites have this information listed online; for others, you may need to request a quote via their contact form, email or phone. Once you have received the pricing information, you can choose a plan, as well as additional equipment/features. You will then select a payment schedule and make a deposit.

If you’re hiring a wedding planner (which is highly recommended), you’ll want to do this before choosing your venue. Planners can help you navigate the booking process and provide you with valuable information you wouldn’t otherwise have. “More advice is always helpful, so talking to a supplier first will not only open your eyes to places you may not have thought of, but also places that will help you stick to your budget at long term,” according to Preisler.


  • Wedding venues in Austin generally cost between $2,000 and $20,000. These fees vary greatly from location to location and vary depending on the size of the event, vendor choices, and a host of other factors. The cost also varies depending on the day/time of year, and some amenities/services may or may not be included.

  • Places in Austin run the gamut from beautiful gardens, parks, and boutique hotels to art museums, historic homes, and buildings.

  • Austin wedding venues offer a sense of uniqueness and funky style, outside of the usual fancy hotels, restaurants, and estates.

  • “The majority of websites [in Austin] are not all-inclusive, as they are designed to really fit different client designs and personalities and are based on bringing in outside hires to help you deal with that,” says Preisler.


To determine the best wedding venues in Austin, we looked at over 30 venues scattered around the city. Our main criteria included price and value (we wanted to include a range of options for every budget), space layout and capacity, location, and any restrictions on dining, alcohol, music or the furniture.

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