Are there pop-up wedding venues in Prince George?


Prince George couples who want to say “I do” without the stress of planning a wedding now have another option.

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) will host two pop-up weddings this summer.

“The pandemic has been very hard on the events industry, especially weddings. It has been disheartening to say the least, especially for many couples who have had to postpone and postpone endlessly,” said Deb van Adrichem, UNBC Conference and Event Services Manager.

She said UNBC was inspired to try pop-up weddings after seeing similar events in major cities across Canada.

The UNBC campus, with its unique architecture and city views, is already a popular location for weddings, but this will be the first time the institution has offered a pop-up-style all-inclusive package.

“We’re only offering it for a limited time this summer to test the waters and see what the reaction is and go from there,” van Adrichem said. “With the pandemic, we thought that was such a good fit because so much has changed – The way we do things isn’t the same anymore, so we thought why not weddings? Let’s do something different for that too.

How exactly will this work?

The happy couple will receive a three-hour reservation in the Agora Room, which includes the ceremony, reception and photo shoot.

The room will also be decorated with greenery, white draperies and lanterns. DJ, wedding commissioner and catering are also included.

Essentially, the only thing the couple has to do is arrive in formal attire with their bouquets and guests, then head down the aisle.

“Before you arrive, you will have already met the marriage commissioner and had a meeting with the photographer, so you know what to expect for photography,” van Adrichem explained.

The university will be offering the pop-up wedding package this summer on Saturday July 16 and Saturday August 13.

“One of the other things that we found pretty cool is that weddings are expensive and this package for a wedding is not that expensive and it’s less stressful,” van Adrichem, who has noted that the package was priced for 25 people, but the event space can accommodate a maximum of 50 people.

“It’s affordable for a reason. A lot of people know their priorities might be getting a down payment on a house or maybe they want to travel – making it affordable that way is a good move.

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