14 Best Wedding Venues in Bali


Welcome to Bali, where mesmerizing clifftop vistas meet turquoise waves crashing on white-sand beaches. It is a place where lush jungles meet rice paddies, Hindu temples abound and there is no shortage of sublime food and dreamy resorts and villas. In short, it’s a wonderful place to say “yes”.

It is also ideal in that guests can enjoy an unforgettable vacation as they witness the start of a new marriage. “Bali is the island of the gods – spirituality is a common theme,” says Ria Kentjono, director of Luxury Weddings Indonesia. “And the Balinese are very friendly and accommodating,” she adds.

Kentjono specializes in the higher-end affairs, which typically cost between $75,000 and $85,000 for 100 guests (excluding accommodation). But that’s not the only prize on the island. Kentjono’s company, Luxury Weddings Bali, offers a lower entry price with a package that includes access to the company’s Rolodex of luxury local suppliers – and it’s still possible to upgrade and customize the event with a la carte add-ons. The starting quote for 100 guests is around $22,200, not including the rental of the villa. Additionally, some resorts, such as the clifftop Uluwatu Surf Villas, offer full or partial ownership buyout options that include three nights of accommodation (more details below) and start at 12,390 $ for 46 villa guests.

“Uluwatu is famous for cliff top weddings; it’s our most popular choice,” says Kentjono, adding that Nusa Dua is another beautiful place known for its white sand. “But we actually don’t have a lot of requests for beach weddings – everyone wants a cliff!”

And despite the richness of Balinese Hindu traditions, most of her clients opt for what is called a blessing ceremony and marry legally in their own country. It occasionally organizes Catholic, Christian or Buddhist ceremonies. Often, however, couples incorporate local traditions in the form of a Kecak dance performance. “It’s based on the Ramayana story, and it’s very popular with our customers – it involves a lot of topless men singing. We start the show after sunset when it gets dark, and the performers lead the guests to the dining room while spinning various objects on fire.

For the best weather – ideal for fire shows, fireworks or just capturing spectacular sunsets – Kentjono recommends booking venues from June to October, as the remaining months tend to have the potential for rain much higher. And one last thing to consider: most stations have a 10 p.m. curfew for amplified music. Having a buyout is an exception, but not always possible at larger resorts (some get around it by moving guests to a ballroom, private villa, or common area with a Bluetooth speaker).

Whether you’re keeping it small and inviting just a few of your loved ones to this slice of heaven, or traveling big – like the waves in Uluwatu – here are the best Bali wedding venues to consider.

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