13 Scenic Wedding Venues That Truly Capture Maine’s Character


From our rocky shores to our acres of pristine farmland in the mountains, Maine offers romantic, sweeping views of the entire state.

With our scenic four seasons and coastal vista, our pine state has the perfect wedding venue for every taste, dream and desire with a fairytale setting.

Whether you want an intimate get-together on the lake in the mountains or a monumental moment with extended family on the shore, your dreams will come true with an idyllic Maine wedding.

There’s a reason tourists come year-round to the northernmost state to take in its beauty, so what better place to celebrate your love and start the next chapter of your life than in one of the states. the most picturesque in the country.

Say “I do” right on the water or share your first kiss as husband and wife in a rustic barn on a farm. Whatever your desire, Maine can make those dreams come true for a wedding and a memory worth a lifetime.

Just to give you a taste of your options, here are some of the top-rated wedding venues that truly capture Maine’s beautiful, charming, and rustic character.

13 Scenic Wedding Venues That Truly Capture Maine’s Character

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